The Mental & behavioral Health Center for Children & Teens


Our mission is simple:


We provide comprehensive mental health services, evaluations, diagnosis and collaborative treatment.

And we do it all in one place with a special focus on the unique physiological and psychological needs of children and adolescents.

Dr. Jerry Weichman

Dr. Jerry Weichman is a clinical psychologist and adolescent specialist affiliated with the Hoag Neurosciences Institute. During nearly two decades of private practice, he has counseled and helped more than 3,000 teens and their families. He founded The Weichman Clinic to meet the unique physiological and psychological needs of children and teens.


Dr. Weichman has assembled an exceptional team of skilled experts, including pediatric and adolescent neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychological testers, and therapists committed to serving this special population.

Introducing The Teen Brain Program at the Hoag Neurosciences Institute

The Weichman Clinic is proud to introduce the Teen Brain Program, an innovative partnership between Dr. Jerry Weichman and the prestigious Hoag Neurosciences Institute. Dr. Weichman founded the Teen Brain Program to address and treat teens experiencing complex neurological, psychiatric and psychological problems that defy easy solutions.

The Weichman Clinic provides a full range of evaluations and treatment options

• Neurological Evaluation and Treatment

• Psychiatric Evaluation and Treatment

• Comprehensive Psychological Testing

• Individual Therapy with Licensed Clinical

  Psychologists and Therapists

• Teen Group Therapy

• Parent Education

• Family Therapy



The Weichman Clinic

3900 West Coast Highway, Suite 380

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