The Teen Brain Program

An Integrated Mental Health Approach Dedicated To The Teenage Mind and Teens In Crisis

Inspired by the frustration he heard in so many parents’ voices, Dr. Weichman spent more than five years developing The Teen Brain Program, an integrated and collaborative approach to mental and behavioral health dedicated to the adolescent brain and behaviors. Again and again, he was contacted by moms, dads and guardians who were exasperated by the ineffective and fragmented treatment their adolescents were receiving from multiple specialists for psychological, psychiatric and neurological needs.

All too often, he found, specialists working with the same teen rarely consulted one other. And when they did, they often had had differing diagnoses. This lack of communication resulted in disjointed and unproductive treatment.

Dr. Weichman knew he could find a better way to improve adolescent wellbeing. He launched The Teen Brain Program to address these shortcomings in evaluation and treatment and to provide better, faster, and—most importantly—more accurate and successful results for teens and their families.

Dr. Weichman has worked hard to assemble a team of dedicated and skilled physicians and mental health experts. They collaborate to diagnose and serve teens and their families at a single location utilizing an integrated approach. The Teen Brain Program thoroughly evaluates each adolescent, and its clinicians tailor their joint recommendations and treatment to each teen’s specific needs.



Each teen receives comprehensive evaluations by a neurologist, psychologist and psychiatrist—all specialists in pediatric and adolescent care.


This team of doctors meets to discuss their findings. They collaborate to arrive at a clear diagnosis and create a personalized treatment plan for each teen and family.

Family Meeting:

The entire team of doctors meets with the family to explain their findings in detail. Each discusses the diagnosis and recommended course of treatment. They answer every question the family has and provide a comprehensive report that parents can share with teachers, coaches and others who have ongoing relationships with the teen. Treatment can then begin.


Parents/guardians meet with our psychological testers to review the challenges the teen faces. The adolescent takes an active role in psychological testing so the team of doctors can better understand learning style, academic strengths and weaknesses and personality factors.

“Your teen does not come with an instruction manual. We’re the next best thing. Our goal is to provide clarity, guidance, and support to help your teen and your family thrive.”

—Dr. Jerry Weichman



Founded by Dr. Jerry Weichman,
The Teen Brain Program will study and address complex neurological, psychiatric and psychological problems facing teens. Staffed with a team of adolescent experts, doctors and therapists the Teen Brain program will focus on new and more effective ways to diagnose and treat the unique and evolving mental health concerns facing teenagers today.



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